Tango Therapy

Teaching tango combines two of my passions: dancing tango and psychology. I love teaching because I can use my knowledge of the human mind and emotions in order to transmit the culture and dance. Each person has a different body, different emotional, physical coordination level. Each individual relates differently to the experience of tango: some people are more open, some less, some are more critical, some more brave and curious, some choose to understand with the mind, some chose to feel with the body. So it gives me great satisfaction after each class to see the evolution that some of them might even not be aware of.

Tango in itself has a great therapeutical effect for anybody who gets into it. It is a very strong experience for every single person, as it brings up a lot of emotional and physical issues. The most elementary effect of it is that before anything, it cultivates awareness. The posture of a person is not just a position that we are supposed to stand/dance in, but also a reflection of who we are. The way we connect or the way we lead or follow are also a perfect reflection of our social, emotional and mental status. This is why tango has the capacity to heal issues that we are or not aware of. By fixing the physical, the mind and emotions will follow. Or we will want to heal the mind and the emotions in order to be able to improve our dancing.


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