Tango Milonguero

For many people tango is just a dance. But in reality tango is a whole culture; it is the character of the people, the music, the lyrics, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we greet each other by hugging, our life stories, our codes, our language, the feminine, the masculine and all our feelings which we express through dancing. This is why learning tango is not about just getting the technique, and this is why tango always evolves into more and more levels for everyone. This is why most of us choose it as a lifetime experience that we can never get bored of, as tango is infinite.

Although the term “tango milonguero” is relatively new (before it was just simply called tango) it is the way it looked in it’s beginning. I choose to teach the milonguero style because i consider it the original argentine tango, the base of all other tango styles and a reflection of my culture and my character. The milonguero tango is the social dance that people dance in the milongas. It is, first of all, danced in a close embrace, and it pays attention more than anything to the embrace, the connection, the partner, the music and the other couples dancing around. That means it is not about big elaborate movements, ganchos, high boleos, lifts and other movements that would require a lot of space and are more suited to show dance.  It is about the connection with the partner, the music, and by respecting the other couples dancing around you and by not kicking them by mistake or bumping into them, with the connection to everyone else.  The traditional milonguero style has elaborate movements of its own, that can be very complex, intricate structures within the close embrace.