About me

I was born in Argentina and grew up in a tango family where my involvement in the tango culture began at a very early age. My grandfather Francisco Gée was a milonguero and musician, who danced and played in his own orchestra until he died at age ninety.

My tango style is traditional milonguero and was inspired by my grandfather but it continues to evolve through the influence of different well-known milongueros and milongueras of Buenos Aires.  My style emphasizes elegance, musicality, strong connection through close embrace, dancing for your partner and expressing that feeling through the music.

I am a psychotherapist by profession. Trained in the U.S., I hold two degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Washington and Seattle University. My graduate thesis was on tango therapy, which extensively explored the effect of tango-dancing on people’s moods and the experience of dancing tango. I had worked as a clinician for institutions in the U.S. and love to apply my clinical knowledge and experience to my tango instruction, which I have found to be very useful in helping my students achieve the desired results.

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