Presence. Elegance. Beauty. Calm. Connection. Focus.

That is what you become when you dance.

If you have always wanted to try tango, but never had the time or the courage, this is the place to start.  If you think you have two left feet and that you can’t possibly learn how to dance, this is the place and the person that can custom build an experience that will make you grow and discover new things about yourself. If you have been dancing tango for months or years, but you lose balance or you are insecure, or if you want to improve on your technique, connection and musicality, we are happy to help you with those things.

Whether it is for you to reconnect to your partner, to learn something new, to focus on the beautiful things in life that are still accessible, to gift it for a birthday or anniversary for a couple, this is a beautiful cultural experience that you can not miss!

You can experience in the privacy of your home private tango lessons, with live teaching and feedback custom built just for you and your partner.

Private online lessons available via ZOOM

Use this time to bring beauty, elegance and connection in your life…

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