Tango workshops 2015

August – September 2015


Thursday, 8/20/2015 – Milonga ‘El Malevaje’ at Club Verdi
Location: The Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA
Topic: Psychology of the partnership in tango: importance of the individuality, circularity and fluidity of the feedback between dancers

Friday, 8/21/20 – Milonga ‘El Abrazo’
Location:1275 Connecticut St, San Francisco, CA
Topic: Using musicality to improve technique and the importance of mastering technique for archiving better musical expression.
Dynamics, play, images, and creativity as learning tools.

Saturday, 8/22/2015  – Milonga Epoca
Location: Lake Merritt Dance Center (Downtown Oakland Senior Center), 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA
Topic: The art and fun of listening: acknowledge yourself, your partner, the music, and the environment.

Sunday, 8/23/2015 – Belrose Milonga
Location: The Belrose Theater 1415 5th Avenue, San Rafael, CA
Workshop 1: 1:00 – 2:30pm. Int – Adv
Workshop 2: 2:30 – 4:00pm. Int – Adv
1. Common mistakes occurring in posture, movement and communication, why they happen and how to correct them
2. Syncopations, bringing dynamics into the dance
Playful rhythm changes in close embrace

Sunday, 8/30/2015 – Belrose Milonga
Location: The Belrose Theater 1415 5th Avenue, San Rafael, CA
Workshop 1: 1:00 – 2:30pm. Int – Adv
Workshop 2: 2:30 – 4:00pm. Int – Adv
1. Exploring the transitions, connecting movements for a more expressive dance.
2. Musical conversations, creativity and playfulness in the improvisation.Private lessons available

September 27th – John Muir Hospital – Tango therapy introduction


Tango workshops 2013

June 7-9, Seattle, WA see below for information June 14-15, Vancouver, BC Portal Tango Interview with Alejandro Gee June 21-23, Bozeman, MT Seattle workshops description flyer Friday, June 7th Premilonga class at ‘Bendita Milonga’ Saturday, June 8th 1)        2pm-3.30pm – (All levelsfrom beginners to Instructors) Find your axis and grounding in a comfortable and natural close embrace.  How to create the movement and communicate it to our partner to start a body dialogue. 2)        3.45pm-5.15pm – (Int./ Adv.) Syncopations, the joy of playing with the music. 8.15pm-9.15pm – premilonga class at ‘dance underground’ Sunday, June 9th 3)         3pm-4.30pm – (Int./ Adv.) Close embrace technique for men and women.  4)         4.45pm-6.15pm – (Int./ Adv.) Musicality:  Dancing to different orchestras. This workshop will present a tango instruction focusing on posture/axis and elegance, playfulness based on music, and the culture of tango, combining technique with popular culture to make close embrace tango, joyful, fun, and comfortable to dance.  Private lessons available: June 10th, 11th, 12th. For scheduling private lessons contact: Workshop Locations: Friday premilonga class Bendita milonga at Om Culture: 2210 N Pacific St  Seattle, WA 98103 Saturday premilonga class Dance Underground – see address below Saturday & Sunday Workshops Dance Underground (downstairs in the Bagel Deli Building.) 340 15th E (in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood) video recording is not allowed in any of the classes, except the last 5 minutes review. Workshop Fee (workshop 1-4 only) $ 30 Per workshop/ per person $ 25 Per workshop/per person if pre-register $ 100 – 4 workshops per person, if pre-register. Workshop/private lessons Registration and Information Buenos Aires, Argentina

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