What my students say

Martina and William from Sweden

Me and my boyfriend lived for a couple of month in Buenos Aires and decided to learn how to dance tango. We were after the traditional “milonguero” tango that they dance in Milongas today and therefor contacted Alejandro. To begin with we only planned to take a couple of lessons, to get a feel for the dance and the culture, but as Alejandro and his girlfriend were so talented in the teaching we kept on dancing. First just once per week, but as we fell more and more in love with the dance we in the end took lessons as often as we could and went to Milongas maybe 2-3 times per week.

If you are interested in seeing the authentic part of Buenos Aires I would strongly recommend anyone who visits Buenos Aires to take at least on lesson with Alejandro! He will teach you the feeling and the basic steps in just the first lesson. After a two to three hours you’ll be able to dance in the milongas. It’s also the best couples therapy you can imagine. We could go there in the middle of a fight, and leave newly in love. Fantastic.

Alejandro and his girlfriend are really friendly and invited us along to the Milongas they were visiting. The both speak excellent english and love what they do. They are generous with their time and very patient. It doesnät matter how bad you are, they alwaysd make you feel like you do well and help you learn. Our class was supposed to be one hour but as we all had so much fun we often stayed two!

We never planned to learn Tango this well but now, thank’s to Alejandro, we are now a coulpe of 27-year olds from sweden who’s fallen in love with tango and probably we’ll keep on dancing for the rest of our lives. For me A MUST when you visit BsAs even for a week-end!

Alexandra, Chicago

I travelled to Buenos Aires in November 2011, to improve my tango skills. Taking Alejandro’s tango lesson was a wonderful experience. Alejandro is not only a very skillful and talented dancer, but is a great instructor as well! He had many helpful suggestions on how to improve my posture and footwork. He taught me tango connection and tango embrace. His teaching manner is very pleasant. He is very friendly, and makes one feel at ease. Now that I am back to Chicago, I try to keep all his instructions in mind… My tango partners do note that I have become lighter, and that my ballance is better. This makes me feel very good :) Thank you, Alejandro. I hope to take more of you lessons and dance with you when I come back to Buenos Aires next time! :)

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